To some people a cat is just a cat. I had my cat for close to 15 years, he’s been with me through the ups and downs and it’s been a real feline friend so to speak. He always knew when I was feeling blue, and would come up and cuddle next to me to make me know that he cared. Walking on this journey in a  lot of. Unwanted Solitude so to speak, that cat was not only a feline but a friend. Some people find that silly, some people find that strange, but through it all my mother’s death and all the other crazy scenarios that has  happened I always knew when I’d come home, he would Be there waiting for me with the warmth that he gave. I have to say for me personally he was different than any other cat I’ve ever come across, he just wanted to be loved and hang out with me lol. So today was a sad day when I had to put him down , he was very ill and I couldn’t stand to watch him suffer. It was hard not only because I cared for him but it gave me a reminder of my mother’s death,  And how we had to take her off life support. New chapter new verse, just felt like writing this because I just did. Some say they don’t believe that animals go to heaven, I don’t believe that at all one because it’s not in Scripture 2 it is proven in Scripture that animals do go to a Heavenly place, three the Lord is the creator of all and that includes all living things. So I believe in all truth and sincerity that I will see him again. 💖🌈

Coolest cat on the block 💧🏵 Mittens


Matthew 16:13 KJV “When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?“ This was a very interesting Revelation for me and something I had overlooked. It was not until I started looking at Peter that the HOLY SPIRIT showed it […]



Hopefull Feathers

So , I just wanted to share what I think is something beautiful and lovely and special to me that happened today that I want to praise the Lord about. It may not be fancy or particularly miraculous to some but to me it was personal, it was heartfelt and it really reminded me of the love of God. he has not forgotten me, even though sometimes I will admit it feels that way even though I know reality is the Lord see’s everything and nothing is hid from him in the way of his grander and awesomeness of his eternal Foundation.

I was going through a thrift shop today to look at their books and items as I find some of the most interesting reads typically and vintage stores. I came across this particular Bible and for some reason I was drawn to it as I opened it I noticed the feather and actual feather in the crease of a page in between the scriptures. The place where the feather was left is something personal that I found oh what I needed and what I do need to bring into remembrance. I couldn’t help but take a picture of it and share it.

Sometimes what people say are the little things are actually the biggest memories that we keep hold of, these so-called little things are something more deep and more vast, that will never be forgotten. Once again I like to say that in ordinary lives with ordinary situations come out the power and the miraculous Spirit-filled moments with a creator of the universe.

So with much joy I say praise be to the Lord the king and creator of all things . beautiful and glorious and all glory belongs to the Father of lights, and one day when this world gets pummeled to dust, and the new Earth begins the foundation of these little things will bring a smile to a fullness of delight to praise the Lord forever and ever and ever never to be forgotten but to always give glory to the one whom we adore whom we were made to cherish to praise and to give thanks forever more.

Thoughts of an ordinary woman with a extravagant Savior.


It is not by the knowledge of men but the power of God, so any of my thoughts of biblical ideals are nothing compared to a breath of Spirit-filled truth from the mouth of the Lord.

At times I’ll be honest I feel lost in a Whimsical field, in a place where I want to live life and desire good things but knowing that the world is ending at the same time gives me a sting.

I keep in remembrance “draw close to God and He will draw close to you” it’s been so long oh Lord since I’ve heard you loud and true. Our brothers and sisters are going through so much pains and I sit here and pray oh Lord what can I do? I am not a woman of influence, I am not rich in material things, I know the right things to say but without a heart change it means nothing and that is absolutely everything

, but I know it is nothing of myself for all my works are as filthy rags

O Lord may your breath of life flow in all those who call out your name

Say it now


Whatever language you prefer, the Lord knows that those that are his those that are truly seeking his Saving Grace but it is only by his love that we can even come to him and on that day be with him face to face

there’s only one savior call out his name now oh Lord help us to really gain fruit, and speak to one another to speak up and speak out this world is as dust flowing through a Galaxy fast and wide generation to generation they pass on by

Brothers and sisters Reach Out speak up Don’t Be Afraid oh, I need to be reminded of this so I speak it out in a Hymnal of notes nothing fancy but also nothing amiss

have mercy Lord for I have been distracted

I am tired and sometimes my thoughts are vain

Being of want the things that others take for granted

But at the same time noticing that the things I have been blessed with are not appreciated as they should.Praise to the Lord for he truly is good

I am hopeful at the same time all these childish fantasies ,the ones that I admire, the rest must die in the flames for to live is Christ and to die is truly gain

With this I honestly say I do not know what the future holds sometimes I wonder, sometimes I dream sometimes I like to look at the stars and hope for big things of Wonder , are you the same?

And the years go by, one after the other

When distress of things hoped that never arrived , I have to remind myself of true life of breath from within so with the grace of the Lord I stride On By

I remind myself sometimes by speaking out loud

“Eternity , Eternity, remember eternal life “

, forever is a big word and to grasp it no human mind could but as much as I can I think of it to keep me going trotting through asking Lord what can I do? A lesson learned no matter how many doors I try to open the all seeing closed shut in my face knowing that the Lord can only open the door it is a mystery to me but I suppose that’s how it is supposed to be

Truly Melody comes from the Thorns of life

We are making music, so at times we don’t notice the notes🎼 of life

“Eternity” What a word to gain, I’m not missing on its forever stride.

I must remember to breathe in, breathe out

“This too shall pass”

. keep Focus On Christ oh Lord you have been so good to me.

for those that are given much much is required , I’m not speaking of gold or silver, or paper influence

But of time🎆

remember that the devil is out to seek kill and destroy . part of that is distraction. A silent killer among The Children of Men.

Keep remembering and speaking out loud ” oh Lord may I no longer live but you that you live Within Me. “

may you all be blessed with eternal Bliss from the spirit forever, Ancient of days, the breath of life that the lion of Judah gifts.

I am tired, I am aging, but within that I pray and I am hopeful that I am growing , that no matter how much knowledge how much wisdom how much research one does, remember without love it is nothing at all. the love of Christ is the key that holds your life in his forever. It is nothing of yourself it is nothing of myself it is a gift from The Lord of hosts.

From the world’s view I am nobody I am nothing. nothing that anyone would look twice , but thanks be to God for sometimes it’s good to be undercover in this dark illusion that the world gives. to be a vessel of the Lord’s creation , it is better that I do not stand out and I not be noticed. For the Ancient of Days glory is to be achieved not by the wisdom of mortal men but the power of God through the ordinary

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Admire Him!

Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. —Psalm 37:4 Admiration…is appreciation of the excellency of God. Man is better qualified to appreciate God than any other creature because he was made in His image and is the only creature who was. This admiration for God grows […]

Admire Him!