Not a poem of lyrics but part of a true story that is my life…may my hope in the pain help others ….

UPDATED , reposting 4 yrs. To the day of her passing. Glory to God and his resting place in his arms we are embraced and I will not refuse the comfort that the Lord gives so lovingly, so softly🌹🌹 ————————+Sometimes, well lets be honest majority of people do not have the upbringing we would’ve chosen, mine as not an exception either…one of the pains is the death of a woman I hardly knew even though from birth till my early teens I lived among mother..though it is complicated to say the least she had a disdain of hate, or at least a extreme dislike for me most of my life. Thank God the last yr of her life she grew a softer heart. She died in the hospital on lifesupport after a grueling 3 days due to her using a belt to kill herself..I was the last person to talk to her on phone right before it happened. My brother found her and gave her cpr as her late husband stood over her body not helping..much more but I will spare some details… I suppose after 2 years I have learned to somewhat grasp that relationships dont always go the way you would want, and not knowing what having a mothers love truly feels like. With that God gave me hope as she was lying there unable to speak or anything as me and my brother prayed over her, the Lord as a whisper was telling me to let go… I remember some private time the day before I sat next to her body lying there with the machines breathing for her, holding her hand and praying asking God to Grant her salvation, and If for some reason she could hear me, I prayed and spoke outloud with tears, asking God if this for some reason that I cant explain is the only way for her to escape death in the spiritual sense to take her, but if she could awake and miraculously be healed and live on earth and make it then to do that.( as she suffered from what the world calls bi polar manic depression)..I spoke to her many things, apologies included, and prayed asking her to choose Jesus as her saviour in hopes she could hear I was holding her hand, noticing how much they look like mine, I tried to speak her into moving her fingers to move, but nothing..the Lord again thru the night kept whispering to let go..God

has truly given me hope that just like the theif on the cross that the Lord decalred would be with him that day in paradise so as my mother as well. I am writing this in hopes for some reason maybe, just maybe someone will be comforted by a piece of my life, and it also helps me open up a part of me..May the Lords Glory fill the air as his breath( spirit) breathes true life into his people, and leads us away from darkness….blessed be the name of the Lord.

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