Breathing waves

The empty space my tears can no longer shed

My God is my purpose, yet I can not fully comprehend

The stead of my stride rocking this and that

Oh the waves, there are so many

How they make me fret

I drank the wrath of man how I am through with indulgent plans

Oh my Lord, I beg of you to speak to me again. My breath breathes life as

I contemplate your plans, how I wish I would know just a sliver of them

The lonely tide once in a while rushes in, deviating my thoughts

To and fro

Here I go again…

God, almighty one, I know you are good

No matter what the outcome. Though my prayers at times seem to go unnoticed

I have to believe that somehow, someway you will see my face

And take pleasure in Knowing I seek to be with you in whatever you take

The tears of water and pain..may I be your love again, teach me Lord , Jesus rise in my heart again

Let me no longer take this road alone for you are the great ” I AM’ .

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