Looking into the 🌙 nightsky

As the clouds take shape

Ever grasping the Twilight shimmers of grace

Dancing along side its magnificent shapes

Knowing the one who formed it all never makes mistakes

My eyes grow more sincere as the clouds darken and I see the light is brighter

Does anyone else take note of this immersing sight

Soon it will be time to take flight

Higher are the ways of God, though man would not take heed to his eternal rest

Does your life encumber this?

The spirit surely knocks on your heart tonight

Open , wont you enter the gates and let go of this worlds lustfull delights

Remember this as you look upon the moonlight

2 thoughts on “Gazes

    1. Thank you kindly.and I agree , as I enjoy that as well…I work 3rd shift at the moment, and I was looking into the sky on my break,and seeing the moon and clouds depicted in this way to me..God surely is the key to this. Many blessings to you my brother in Christ😇

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