Last call

For the time has begun, the birthing pains have already started, through the labor will not be in vain, 4 the ones that are set on the Holy Hill will be singing along, joyfully, is the fire comes down and spiritual entities seem to arise for the protection of the Lord will be for those on his rise, the sun setting is happening the love of one connects to his branches holding holding tightly oh sing what seems to be Barren join yourselves the last call has begun, harp and harmonize go together little ones, the fruit is ready to be picked, be ready for the day of the Lord is Drawing Near I beg you I plead you with the breath of the spirit of life come you all join in come you all sing sing along while many will throw stones and evil Wars rage nothing will come against the anointing and we will be saved from the wrath of his rage and the evil ones who think they got it all the evil ones who think they won’t fall, the Lord God is on high he is mighty and true never forget for he has not forgotten you

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