Deep valleys

Each breath we take in this Dark World of seemingly Escape, is nothing but a threshold of the mysterious planks. The Valleys Run Deep to those who are climbing on high. We must keep running this race or at times walk a while, keep trenching through the Deep Revelations that see us through, Psalm 23 is a record and a clue. This world is ever fading, it’s starry night is but Gloom. But for those who have eyes to see, we have the light that sees us through. Through the belly of a whale, we will have escaped a treacherous Trail. Though these deep valleys are hard and sometimes rigid, we have a shepherd who is mighty and Forever behind the veil. So let us dance with joy through these deep valleys with hints of lustrous perfume, anointing heads as we pass on some more will come in Oh how we belong one with another true Unity that will be our trumpet song, glory to the Great ” I AM” , for he surely plays us a tune, one of Harmony and everlasting love on his lips to us children of Mercy and Perpetual hope, don’t you see those that trust in the Lord we will be joined with him in our forever home majestically praising our Father with Glory and Honor

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