To “live” IS CHRST To die is ” gain”

For many years I had lived this life in moments of death, as walking around on this Earth pondering the seasons in the moments, some good some bad, the moments of Pure Living has been those moments I realize how small and insignificant I am. For my God’s kingdom is not of this world, truly, and at times in my walk I have forgotten this truth in a way, In a thought, in a detour or an action. Truly God will cut the time short oh, for the days we live in our truly perilous for people are so comfortable with a fatality of Comforts and Easy Living, that is why at least in part of the hemisphere the truly Walking Dead are the ones keeping this life so prominent to their heart, in a way where they forget where their Kingdom really Is, And in that moment if it lasts and there is no change of heart or mind they will be dead forever. I myself have been in these moments through my walk I dare say in all honesty, and then the Lord Graces me with the reality of Truth to live as Christ and to die is gain. A woman once told me I will not get all the things I want but I will get all the things I need, how important that is to remember, And it speaks to my heart and soul in the moments where I feel as if I missed out on certain things of my life, the uncertainty of marriage to a man who loves the Lord, children, things such as these, so they are getting much less prevalent in my mind and my heart, so I still desire it and there’s nothing wrong for having a hope, but I must remember this life is not about me oh, this is about the Lord. And speaking his truth and loving my enemies and everyone around me, and remembering all those that sacrifice their lives for our Lord and savior and how blessed they were to go through such torment of death and ridicule for the name of Christ, for truly they had lived, and will forever live. May I have such a blessed life as that. Blessings to you all in the name of our Lord for this remembrance that this life is so short let us use it for the truth, for the kingdom for Christ Alone.❤❤

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