Hopeful rain

As the wind blows in,Β  the rain falls,

I wonder as my life keeps proceeding by me

Like a hopeful pause

The gentle water crisp and fresh

Time for a new beginning again

Hopeful for the best.

As The Whispers of Psalms and Proverbs flow through my heart

I wonder if my dreams and my desires come from him

Either way I know I’m set apart.

The dancing Taps of water drops hitting the ground

I am a strange one indeed,Β  for I walk through a thunderstorm underneath the clouds

Knowing that somehow by the Lords merciful love he will set me free from his power above

Gentle sigh’s as I keep walking by,

And as I hear” be patient be kind”

Most people do not know me at heart

If they did I imagine they would laugh at my romantic Daydreams as I stroll through the park.

But I will ever keep hope in my Lord my refuge and my strength

Therefore I will never be saddened to walk the plank

Because I know the invisible road which I must take

Though the weather is stormy I see it as a beautiful waterfall of dew

As the Lord Whispers again” you don’t always know what I have planned for you”.


4 thoughts on “Hopeful rain

  1. Beautiful poem. It is amazing what God brings in and through when we allow Him to lead us and put all of our trust in Him. Thank you for sharing this. May God fill your days with His blessings and presence.

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