Curious tales of an open heart ๐Ÿ‘ฃ

The multitudes of empty faces

Compiled with empty stares

I Walk On By hoping to look someone in the eye

Is anyone there?

Some smile, some nod,

But I still see in their eyes the empty space through the facade

Let me be deep with you

May I call on my God to be fastened to wake you

For that will wake me

Being lovely, being true

All I know is that means that Christ is in you

As I Daydream and think of the Everlasting Valley

There must be more out there , I know I’m not the only one

Lord call on your multitude let us all be as one

As I Revel in these deep sayings

As I walk by and stare at those empty eyes

Waiting, proceeding to wait for a wink of the eye

A conversation of truths meditating on the deepness of God

But low I keep walking and walking waiting

I cannot be alone in this place, this State of Mind

I know I’m nothing special ,though still I am one of a kind

Where are you kindred? Where are you Persons Of Peace?

Though I am surrounded by many

I feel I am at my Pinnacle Peak

Maybe we will pass each other in the streets

Will you look up and give recognition that we know each other in spirit and speech?

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