Love untamed

Many trials and many sorrows are those who you give your wisdom My pleading heart has been down a road defiant and precocious .Your hope and your love is what keeps me alive. And I’m ever so grateful To You O Lord for putting me back on the right side. So many times have I faltered and failed stumbling back into self-pity and perilous Tales. The attacks of the enemy are too many to count but with you oh Lord you strengthen my soul through the heated drought

Humbling is good when it’s to see your love open upon my heart. To You O Lord I am grateful without you I would be dire and truly Fall Apart. Serpents and scorpions how they like to mess with your mind and your soul, They enjoy and laugh at what was my captivity day by day taking its toil. Praise be to God my God whom I want to serve day and night, Though my wretched self knows that without you there would be no light. How Great and Mighty you are my God my Fortress my love my delight. Your love is so Untamed that you look upon me a woman who has been in vain, a corrupt place of torturous games, And still a shower Of your light upon me with your wings soaring in my soul touching my head anointing me with oil. This world shall pass for this is true, Oh how happy I am Lord to hear that from you.You are truly love divine, Untamed ,and holy. You are truly gracious to those who choose your way, For you already know which part I am going to play. Just like a movie you know the start to the end, and you know those who gather themselves to you , The great “I AM”. You oh Lord will truly bring us back to the Everlasting beginning, As you gather us up in your wings, Your Love showering us to the gates of doves and Holy singing

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