Valleys of crystals Shining ever so brightly

As the sun goes down the radiance of its glow , we walk on the crystals with an Evenflo.

I wish I knew all that this road entails ,All I know for sure is that I have to keep walking ,striving for the brightness of those crystals beaming ever so clear.

Walking alone is hard that’s for sure, But I know the eyes of the Lord in his starry words ,of bright, and shimmering in the sunlight.

beaming over me will keep me in his gentleness ever so still. I know I’m not truly ever fully alone, but at times it makes me scared to the bone.

Walking through this Valley without another human companion by my side, at times brings me to despair ,but hope is on my side.

with the Lord I have refuge, for he watches over me and brings me up from the ditch.

I say to the Lord “I can do it I know I can ,with your help I know I can do this” ,

and I start once again on the journey ahead, finding streams in the desert oh how quenching it is feeling the water flow, a rush of spirit wind.

So at times I am being tested ,but it is good , for that will prove me to get up and march forward as I know I can.

I do not know everything that will occur ,all I know is that I have to trust with perseverance and steady the key to go long and endure. Blessings will come to those who wait…..only the Lord truly knows that state

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