Furnace of faith🦋

A new season, a new breakthrough

This can only happen if I’m walking with you.

Oh Lord you know I’m speaking of the new wine that is prepared, at the table of hardships, for you have declared

Through the Melting Pot, Moab is the place

Cleansing me through the fire, such a mysterious place, I know I am at the gate

Ever so suttle I see your face , speaking to my soul saying ” come now out of that place, for I have refined you, now its time to go, be set free I tell you, I have redeemed your soul”

the branches are not yet full, yet I

know the spirit will have it’s particular time in space.

I’m ready to start living again

Through the chaos that has brought me this far in the race

The tree I see far off will soon have green and mighty Sprouts of faith…

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