Heavenly notes🎼🎼

harmonious truth without him there is nothing that can be done nothing under the sun. Why do people not accept the truth, ? Weather It Be pride, religion or arrogant peaks of tongue and cheek? People look at me as if I am speaking these things out of a religious mind, or from a family that was brought up in this (i was not) some see it in their bases of pride of what they see is right. the Lord sees all . in us he plants his truth but many want to be deceived because they won’t take the love of the truth. Why do we at all at any time deceive ourselves? The enemy Roars about seeking whom he may devour. though some say this is the way , or that is the way, …no my friends there is only one way and those that have the spirit of Truth know when it is upon them. There’s no Envy to be had no Pride to be taken in .there is no “I know I’m right and you’re wrong though many think this is the way to the Heavenly place it is not it is full of sin. The Lord intervenes in people’s hearts and Minds even if they don’t acknowledge they will one day come face-to-face with the king who will ask them why did you not receive me? Why when you had time? Time is irrelevant here no instead of love you only have fear and pride. I did not want this for you I wanted you to be with me do you not understand this? gives me sorrow upon sorrow I do not wish death but life to all , but majority don’t want truth they want their ways and they want it all. Now my friends what I just said I pray it was from the Lord for it is not me who makes these threads. I’m not one to boast in myself for there is nothing about me that anyone would take notice of me , for the Lord is good and he is the living bread eat of him and become one and be ready for he is coming soon. there will be a turbulent wind , all will bow and knee to the Lord some will be in shock, and some will be sore. But those that received the truth not from family lines of meaning by what they’ve been taught by men but the Lord’s Spirit who intervened in them when they took him at his word and knew it was the Lord thy God who saves you from the perilous world of sin to bring you into the Heavenly place to be with him. HOLY HOLY HOLY is the Lord God Almighty there is none other praise Yeshua for he is king of kings and Lord of lords for those that truly seek truth they will find because God is good and he will not desert those that cling to him in perilous times. The Lord is coming the children of light will know the season it is those in darkness that it comes like a thief. A season in itself can last however long that Elohim decides it to be I do know even though some will possibly read this and think who is she? I am no one but a vessel but the Lord has shown me I will be walking around on this Earth when the last trumpet is blown this I know and I do not doubt it will come to pass though it may tarry it will come.

The Lord is your maker do you not understand? …⏰ blessed be you all with Love and a soundmind, full of peace that passes ALL understanding..let the spirit of God flow IN you .

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