Splender in mystery🌹🌹🌿

Well this is not quite a poem but a thought. something I feel deep inside a knowing, a sensing , whatever you may call it may it be as the Lord decides. My next stop Puerto Rico I leave the 1st of January the first of the year for 9 days. I sense something will happen there. something I will see, something I will witness, something of God’s plan, something which I’m not sure of ,but I know the Lord is in it. May I ask for those of you that choose too, to please pray for me to be used , to see, to walk, to do, and to see the spirit song of the Lord . To give to those in need of truth, of love, joy , and Light, the Splendor of delight. I don’t know exactly what will happen as I have stated but something mysterious something that will become anointing, a joining .may you all be blessed, may you all Be in Perfect Harmony with the spirit of Truth is overflowing in my Awakening is coming near the next phase of my life as I pray the next phase of yours. Growing learning new chapter new verse. Be in awe and beauty in the heart in the mind focused steadfast.

Jennifer 🌿

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