As I continued walking on this plain, I pray the Lord’s Spirit In Me keeps me tame. Oh how wonderful it would be if the Lord found another vessel to join with me. I know I must go forward for the Lord Knows Best he loves me even though I feel like Hannah and at times feel repressed. Through all this the Lord has number one have faith my child I feel he may be whispering to me in the Heavenly tongue. Guiding me through this journey of quietness and Sensibility. Praying I truly am being used as a vessel of Tranquility. Of honor and Glory I truly forgot alone I am just passing through here and I know I must leave nothing undone. To all of you who feel burdened with being lonely at times, I will refresh to you A Memory of a song and a rhyme. Rich Mullins once sang it’s okay to be lonely as long as you are free, oh how true that is for me. I pray for all of us to have perseverance and Light let us not dwindle on the side holding back the Heavenly light.

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