Ancient of Days

Drifting through the sea time to get ashore, take the father’s hand and may his glitter Adorn the Holiness that comes from one humble heart to another seeking to glorify the Lord in true love towards him that will flow like a Cascade of waves reaching the sand, going along this physical land until it is time made that Crown , let those Jewels shine may we all adore the Lord in his stance the glory and trueness of the one who makes us into the image of his son, the end is really the beginning the Ancient of Days has come .let us proceed to the Holy One . truth and Love flow from the spirit of God which is Christ in you your hope of glory , come back return seek your first love. take his hand and flow up above let the spirit Ascend into Heavenly places, pray intercede, go and preach to the nation’s. use your mouth as a reflection of Truth use your feet as a steady pace of peace and fruit ,may your hands be ready to hold and to pray ,May the joy that the Lord has given you stay forever this day.

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