Prayer Intercession

I pray everyone’s having a blessed day in the Lord that the Lord has made. I wanted to write a quick note about prayer intercession, and how important is right now as always it is important but I think especially right now we need to be praying for the body because there’s so many things happening and trying to discourage the ones who are being called to come forth right now and the purification process if I can call it that with the Lord. And I am not above anybody I need prayer too. I’m reaching out because well simply put I need prayer and I’m having a very difficult time to focus on what I know to do, I do know we do not fight against flesh and blood, therefore I conclude I understand by the word of God what is going on and that the Lord is allowing it to show forth his grace and his truth within his body but I’m reaching out because I know I need the body to help so I can be used as the vessel that the Lord that I have faith in has declared me to be one of his by faith and grace alone so I’m just reaching out. Bless you all and I will pray as well for the body but please feel free if anyone even wants to have Fellowship during this time my email address is

Blessed be the name of the Lord for the Lord our God is mighty and true his love and his light be poured out on all of you to bring forth vessels of light to shine the lamp and not put it aside.


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