Stars of flight

Does one ever ask themselves as I’m sure most do am I being real with anything I do? Am I proceeding the life that is truly meant for me or am I masquerading around hiding behind a shroud of a sense of loss, pain, maybe always feeling like you’re in this flood and you’re trying to reach Shore and every time you grapple onto something real it floats away as if it was never there at all. Most people if they pay attention to what I’m writing a lot of it may sound at times dark or Mystique oh, but it’s just a sense of finding out reality of what really is and what truly deepens me. Though I’m not afraid to express the truth of what I’ve been shown I know that through many situations, or day-to-day momentary surrealness of the same repetitive thing does not get one anywhere. I do have hope and I do have faith not because I’m leaning on it as a crutch to get me through the hurt all of this so-called life as it rolls on. I know within the depths of my being the important issues at hand and I know that even the realization of this does not take away how at times my heart aches, or at times I relive a moment from my past that I’d rather forget. I must keep going forward I must not give in or give up, I must look forward to the light that truly shines, as we are reminded from time to time it is the most important the one may have knowledge, wisdom, prophetic gifting, if you do not have love it means absolutely nothing. So in knowing this, I pray often times “Lord forgive me I just want your love in me I want to shed Your Love upon others please use me for this help me to get over myself, my selfish thoughts my ambitions, arrogant tones of knowing this or that, all that matters is love true love.”….

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