Trying to strive

As the days go by, I know everyday is a new day. A day to rejoice and be thankful to be glad. Though the everyday routine is quite often a distraction from the truth of that everyday is a new day. I know there are others out there like me, who are trying to strive trying to stay alive in the Lord for he’s the one that supplies all our needs and though we know the truth at times our minds can go to a place of asking oh how long Lord, what do I do Lord? Strive reading the word thinking upon the Lord Our God everyday going home even though I go home and there’s no one here at the same time I have to keep striving knowing that sometime or another something will change in the way of going forward…. so I sit here and pray and at times feel so inadequate even though all these truths are right before me as hidden in plain sight oh, it can be hard to know what to do next? I know I shouldn’t fret, at times I just want to zip out of this flesh suit and soar high and fly, and be gone away from this place. I know there’s a time a day and an hour, though it tarry it shall surely come. This is not coming from a place of sadness or a dark gloomy Cloud hanging over my head, actually it is a complex of Curiosities that go through my mind. At times I wish I could fast-forward 5 years from now but then again I don’t because if I’m at the same place doing the same thing I feel I might go stir crazy LOL, I know the Lord reveals things to his servants the prophets the things he wants us to know and understand pieces of a puzzle so we can be adequately prepared. Although I realize this and there are still things I’m trying to work out that I know the Lord has shown me, oh it’s just now praying for interpretation and what these things mean. I’m just writing to write. It helps me Express even though some may never read this , I know that there are others out there like myself trying to strive, saying Lord send me ,cleanse me, use me please do something with me. As the hours pass and the days go by ,and nothing seems to change, still in the sense I know that every day is a new day and every day is different even if we don’t see it in the way that suits us. May I dare say that if I could I would travel around the world I would go from one place to another but then I dare say again I would find myself in the same place, still trying to figure out still trying to understand still trying to strive. So I suppose this is where faith comes in trusting God even when everything seems to be the same. This may sound like ramblings and maybe they are ,I suppose I’m just getting my thoughts out there to say is anyone else going through this? Does anyone else feel this way? So I will keep praying and keep trying to move keep trying to let go and step back, let the Lord do his work ,and if that means my job here is to intervene in prayer and nothing more in the way of being used as a vessel then if that is the Lord’s will and that is good with me as long as I have hope that I know I will fly someday and go be with my king forever praising him and All His glory and then I know I will never truly feel alone.πŸ’–πŸ—

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