Thoughts and Praises🌹

Writing can be so therapeutic. It is an interesting sense, in the way of when one write’s , we don’t necessarily know if anyone’s going to read it, it’s just an expression of how we lay out what we’re going through ,what we are communicating, standpoints, sensibilities, prayers, of the core of one’s self. I for one, when I write I typically don’t expect anyone to take a gander at it, but if they do I hope it helps in some way, to give Glory to our King in one way, shape, or form. At this moment I wish to express something beautiful that the Lord has done for me. I have begun to paint again ,which is an extremely pivotal role in my walk with the Lord. It has been a long time since I have been able to paint in a way where I know it is just me and the Lord corresponding through the brushstrokes, that may sound strange but to some, but when the spirit of the Lord is flowing through me and I paint it’s a Harmony that I cannot explain and I don’t even know what I’m going to paint when I start it just flows through all glory to God. I had been in such a roadblock for such a long time, things happen, trials, tribulations, heartaches, losses, you name it we’ve all been through them. Thankfully to God through prayers of others because of their care and obviously all because of God’s mercy and provision, I am getting out of this roadblock that I’ve been in for so very long. You see I’ve been feeling like a stick-in-the-mud. stuck for a very long time. My faith had been dwindling, in the mannerism of I know God is good I know God is Holy I know he is true and triumphant but my life seemed such at a Breaking Point at a standstill, year after year moment after moment, but things happening that are too much to express. I had lost something along the way , praise the Lord because he put it back 🔥🙏🏻through much pain my heart sings again chipping away the old nature chipping away the pain, chipping way and sledging out all the falseness that had tried to enter my way through the way of whatever means that the enemy used to try to do away with me. I do not mean that I did not believe God was who he is, but life can throw curve balls and sometimes it hits you right in the nose and it really spun me for a loop for a long time. My Praises go to the Lord showing his majesty and his grace, even being able to write has been very difficult for a very long time, but that is starting to open back up so I just want to praise God for his love, his understanding, and his patience. My Lord, my God you are the king of my heart❤ may we all be in Unity ,moving where you direct ,like the wind going wherever you wish it to go communicating however you wish it to speak may we flow together as one as we walk closer to the rising of the Sun🗝🔥……. Psalm 23 has been so relevant in my life, through dreams that the Lord has given me through song and spirit. I just want to praise God . I just want to live for him, getting harvested, as the Lord I believe spoke to me treading out the corn, and reminding me not to fight against the pricks, God is truly gracious . The great “I AM” sure loves us with a love that is so Indescribable , so we try to express it through the spirit and the way it comes out is yes Beauty but it doesn’t magnify the fullness of the love of God, and what the Lord went through for someone like me, for someone like you. I do not have children of my own and I tried to imagine if I was a parent and how I would deal with my child and I can understand why things go the way they go sometimes to the best of my ability, But God is a good good father, and we all can surely trust in him. May love, Mercy, abundant Joy, the spirit of Holiness come upon you and may we all in one Accord say praise be to you the Lord our King Jesus we worship you forever and ever holy holy holy is the Lord Our God almighty!🔥🔥🔥🗝❤

7 thoughts on “Thoughts and Praises🌹

    1. God is good 🙂 I pray you and your family are doing well , and all of you get some R&R time together. Thank you again for your prayers brother, as I do not have a home church so to speak so it’s always a blessing when someone has taken the time to pray for me. Any news about the situation that is occurring with those church members that are being detained? I will keep in prayer

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      1. Thank you for your prayer sister. Sorry about a home church situation in your life. For the pastors arrested, there’s no new news, it’s day 8 for them and they were sentenced for two weeks but it’s a country that is horrible about keeping their words. Some members believe they might have a spy In their midst since the government knew their every move. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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      2. Of course brother🙏🏻, I want to be usefull in some way so I try to focus on prayer wherever needed🔥, and thank you, been going like this for many years it gets tough sometimes that’s for sure but I know I have to be patient and wait on the Lord however this works out I don’t know , one day at a time is all one can do.

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