Soft breeze

The wind blows so effortlessly, feeling its softness on my face,

my eyes look up towards the sky is I picture my saviours face,

Picturing the clouds as Chariots of Fire, imagining Elijah being ushered up out of planet earth and all its mire

Knowing the time of exodus is upon us , always looking up for my redemption is approaching

Loving the life of the risen Christ, doing my best to stay in the light

Stargazers take flight, hopeing in that day is my delight🎼🎼🎼🔥

Published by Jacobs ladder🌱

Blessings to all, My name is Jennifer I am a 39 yr. old woman who has been shown much mercy and grace, keeping hope alive while letting go ..I write what I call prophetic poetry, but maybe it's just how my soul grasps for life, writing out the unseen battles that wage throughout. Glory and honour are for God alone. Prayer request's are welcomed🙏🏻🌼

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