Curiosity vs. Faith

Through the years, I have had some dreams by the Lord. It does not happen often, but when they occur I know they are from God. I understand and have come across some whom depend on them, which is not good, as the Lord also warns in his word about those that practice divination and they are receiving false dreams and visions from their own imagination

. Let me say that God does and can come to us to show us things of his will, and even warnings as is stated also in his word. I am putting that across because those that have never experienced this often times shrug it off. It takes discernment that comes only from the Holy spirit to perceive. So with that I will continue. I have been praying for dicernment about something that God showed me about my walk…and on the narrow road once I got back on, there was an individual ahead of me. I will not go any further on this other then I am at time’s having faith that I understand who it is…but then other times I question, thats when I get curious and want to rush God praying for a anwser to this dilemma.( I am very aware no one can do such a thing, just something I had noticed, and repented of) I know in my heart God is teaching me to just trust him fully without a quick response , and just look at him and keep marching and focus on walking in the spirit with him as my focus.

When God shows us something we must be responsible with maturity in how to deal with things in our life’s that is partly revealed , this is a topic that I was not going to put on here, but I thought there’s no way I am the only one that goes through these experience’s…so with that said I am going to post this and hope it helps someone just to have faith and not fret about the things that God is doing in good time..all will pass and what left standing will be one of 2 things, a palm tree, or that Charlie brown tree bare to the roots…

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