Through this desert experience, this Wilderness of solitude

, so at times can make me wonder and be saddened by the lack of waves of change,

so through this time though it tarries ever so long as the years go by and I cry to the Lord, oh Lord how long how long,

there is no response and I start to feel a pain

but then in God’s wonderous way the Lord reminds Within me his answer to my prayer ,

the Lord knows the times he needs to be silent and the times he needs to speak

I have to remember though this road feels so long, though I get weary from the heat

I know the Lord well bring me through to drench me with Heavenly dew,

to prove my faith, to sharpen the iron ,to mold the clay, to discipline in fire

To comfort through the quietness

To remind me again though it Tarry it will press through

, as is the story of the woman who Tell’s the Lord, that even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall off the table

as I will keep marching forward and seeking the pure water that flows from his heavenly robe,

keep seeking keep knocking keep going forward with the flow

5 thoughts on “Praise

  1. Sister I read your words and I’m encouraged by your sense of perseverance. You do sense God’s work through this very difficult season in your life and what you wrote here is Biblical. I hope and pray for more connection with God’s People.

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