As the Spirit Leads…

When I paint it is oftentimes my time with the Lord as when I start painting I never know usually what I’m painting till it’s done. As I listened to the word and just let my hand go where it will, though it may sound strange when it’s done sometimes I can understand why the Lord had me paint such a thing and what it is bringing to my mind to perceive in meaning. This I just started I don’t know what the end result is going to be but sometimes I wonder…. it’s like a mystery waiting to be revealed


So I took a break for a while went back and just started praying and let my hands go wherever it was going to go with the paint and the colors and The Strokes of my hand I let the Lord decide and afterwards I posted a picture and I looked at it and I said what is this Lord?

What I believe the spirit of God has revealed to me as I look at it I said “ah yes , “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death thou are with me”.. even though the Valley of the weeper oh, the desert land the Lord will become a spring of water a spring of life in you and me , each step he will be there though, it may be dry, but the lord of Hosts will turn the dryness into a waterfall of joy , and his Spirit as you walk through this deserted land, it will not be deserted to those who walk with the Lord

5 thoughts on “As the Spirit Leads…

    1. The Lord is beautiful I tell you what a lot of times when I paint it teaches me to rest in God let him do the work through us , the Lord our God is like a master artist which we will see the painting when it’s done when it’s unveiled to us he creates masterpieces I consider myself in a way that this may sound strange, but like a tube of paint he does all the work I’m just a vessel to go on the canvas like the rest of us but with that the Great “I AM” creates beautiful colors and beauty so elegant who could put into words, but the spirit knows lol🦋 you and your family have a blessed day in Christ our Lord🗝🐑

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