Deep calls unto Deep

Waves of uncertainty take a chance

the riptide , that strong current comes at me with the velocity of a whirlwind,

but then and then I remember to sit at the feet of the one who Roars , the one who teaches the one that soars

a sweet Aroma upon his feet, being humble remembering that his sacrifice is complete

Sit and kneel at the teachers feet,

As thoughts and tears Glide all about, that seem to cover time and space

Knowing I am but dust without him I am nothing more than a shattered shell

And the Lord then puts his hand on my head and says โ€œchild all will be wellโ€

The beauty of how the creator of all things should notice such a one like me

Oh Lord please help me for I want to love you with my whole heart , and sometimes it feels like my soul is being torn apart

as I sense the Lord look into my eyes and say โ€ do you not know that you are mine,โ€ this humbles me even more,

and at times I often start running towards the door, not understanding how this love could be true , but through it all My Savior My Lord my God says โ€ do you not know I love you?โ€

These questions he asks makes me swell up in my eyes, as More Tears stream down, taking away my pride that doubtless heart of mine. then I am reminded as I look up at him and say it is true we are never apart

And ask him please my Lord grant me a new heart

Now you reading this here now , please know this without a doubt, the Lord the creator of all things , does the same for you in this personal way

, Through The Valleys of highs and lows,

mountain ranges to and fro,

I have been in the trenches, I have been in the storms

but then I see a rainbow and the overhead of the bright Sun in the Morning shores

, let us not forget that his love is unfailing,

though we toss around at times going back and forth like waves in the Wind

the Lord is a rock and a high tower who can bear all things, if we trust him we can be sure to always be with him forever our God our mighty King

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