Light the way , my Lord

May I not stray, my Lord

Though I am alone without the hand of human kind

My Lord my God , please be by my side

I am not depressed, nor in despair

just going thru the motions of here and there

Oh how long must this isolation be

It started way before covid you see

I am one who sits home alone

Praying to God to help me along

I do hope that I will have a hand to hold

But if I don’t, the Lord will unfold

The spirit of the Almighty holds me in HIS hands

I pray oh Lord I will not grow cold

May I be fruitfull In the way of loving you

Let the Light of your holiness be forever lit in me

Not by my own works that would never be so

But by YOUR grace and heavenly glow

Please my Lord my God do not take your spirit from me

By mercy does he call me

Desolate I was, naked and vain

But praise God he has given me a new name

Christ In me my Hope of glory

Praise the the one who gives light to those who were a fright

Speak up now, you children of Light

May we burn with the flame of holiness by the one whom gives Light

The Great “I AM” give Glory to your name

King Yeshua the word made flesh came into to the world to destroy darkness

By his Love this was done

You see he and the Father are ONE

Sing a new song sisters and brothers

Our Mighty King comes upon the clouds of Mighty waters

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