Watch “What was crucifixion like?” on YouTube

7 thoughts on “Watch “What was crucifixion like?” on YouTube

    1. I know when I seen that I couldn’t help but cry, at times our eyes are opened again to the fatality of forgetting what the purpose was really for ,what the Lord actually went through for someone like me or someone like you like all of us. it saddens me to know that many are rejecting the truth and even saying it’s heresy it’s heartbreaking but at the same time truly inspiring to remind me what I’m really Living For . may it not be about me, may it never be about myself. It’s one of those reminders even of what the Apostle Paul was speaking of when he summed up the gospel and those words Christ crucified, to live is Christ to die is gain, for it is no longer I that live but Christ that lives Within Me that is true life dying to the world, anyway those are just my thoughts for today I agree with you I love the Lord my God may I love the Lord with all my heart being granted a new heart not a Heart of Stone but a heart of Flesh.

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