Makers of Sophia the robot plan mass rollout amid pandemic | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Let us not be ignorant, the times are here and have been . the day is approaching faster than ever , it’s time for us to truly focus on the Lord and to keep focused no matter what happens no matter what they try to take away no matter what you will have to carry as your cross for Christ , the time is now let us all prepare ourselves stand up for the truth, be ready to be completely and utterly looked down upon by the world but knowing that the kingdom is approaching the kingdom is what we need to place our eyes on. this world is going to get weirder and weirder let us not be conformed to this world which is not our home, we are just pilgrims passing through, let us wake up, let us truly get our hearts in Union with God may we truly be penitent may we truly focus on the Lord not by your own works but let the Lord’s spirit be upon us purifying us, not to neglect the gift of salvation, for it says do not let anyone steal your crown, it wouldn’t have said that unless it could be stolen, Ponder this, perilous times are upon us and we’ll be more and more but with that know that Miracles the Lord’s joy peace and Promises will be fulfilled just not in the way that you may think may we keep our focus on God and not sway from our Eternal hope, for a hope that is seen is not hope for a we hope in the Unseen. be patient as the Lord has been patient with us.

5 thoughts on “Makers of Sophia the robot plan mass rollout amid pandemic | Article [AMP] | Reuters

  1. When I say the Sophia story, the first thing that crossed my mind was Babel. Man trying to play God. And the sad part is just because we have the ability to do a thing does not mean it is morally correct. In future, we must recognize that in order to be a true believer it takes courage to life outside the societal norm and to simultaneously stand in biblical precepts. And one day we will all have to make that decision.

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