Why “In Solomon’s Porch?”

Why “In Solomon’s Porch? Imagine walking back in time to Solomon’s Temple.  Imagine then also coming to stand in the location known as Solomon’s Porch.  Why is it significant?  This is a place where Jesus taught, shared, and visited with people.  He healed, He delivered, and set free.  He expanded the lives of all He […]

Why “In Solomon’s Porch?”

9 thoughts on “Why “In Solomon’s Porch?”

    1. Well this morning in Michigan it is -7 , it’s definitely cold I’ll tell you that LOL, but all in all I’m doing fine with it in the means at least I have heat and I’m thankful for that , and pray you and your family are staying warm and drinking a lot of vitamin C🍊

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      1. And I should clarify its -7 Fahrenheit the degrees right now is at 24 degrees …. but yes it’s cold anyhow I forgot that you and your family lived out in Cali not sure what part of California but it says La is 66 degrees that would be amazing if it was that warm here, there’d be people walk around in t-shirt and shorts here at 66 degrees LOL

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