Hopefull Feathers

So , I just wanted to share what I think is something beautiful and lovely and special to me that happened today that I want to praise the Lord about. It may not be fancy or particularly miraculous to some but to me it was personal, it was heartfelt and it really reminded me of the love of God. he has not forgotten me, even though sometimes I will admit it feels that way even though I know reality is the Lord see’s everything and nothing is hid from him in the way of his grander and awesomeness of his eternal Foundation.

I was going through a thrift shop today to look at their books and items as I find some of the most interesting reads typically and vintage stores. I came across this particular Bible and for some reason I was drawn to it as I opened it I noticed the feather and actual feather in the crease of a page in between the scriptures. The place where the feather was left is something personal that I found oh what I needed and what I do need to bring into remembrance. I couldn’t help but take a picture of it and share it.

Sometimes what people say are the little things are actually the biggest memories that we keep hold of, these so-called little things are something more deep and more vast, that will never be forgotten. Once again I like to say that in ordinary lives with ordinary situations come out the power and the miraculous Spirit-filled moments with a creator of the universe.

So with much joy I say praise be to the Lord the king and creator of all things . beautiful and glorious and all glory belongs to the Father of lights, and one day when this world gets pummeled to dust, and the new Earth begins the foundation of these little things will bring a smile to a fullness of delight to praise the Lord forever and ever and ever never to be forgotten but to always give glory to the one whom we adore whom we were made to cherish to praise and to give thanks forever more.

7 thoughts on “Hopefull Feathers

  1. Wow. This is profound. Yashua is King. He is All Knowing, All present. Christ, the hope of our salvation…..thanks Jen for this beautiful masterpiece. The Lord bless you❤

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    1. Thank you sis I appreciate your kindness . the Lord bless you as well with much love joy and may his light continually shine through you and all around you❤🔥 amen amen May that hope stay alive


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