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Let us not be ignorant, the times are here and have been . the day is approaching faster than ever , it’s time for us to truly focus on the Lord and to keep focused no matter what happens no matter what they try to take away no matter what you will have to carry as your cross for Christ , the time is now let us all prepare ourselves stand up for the truth, be ready to be completely and utterly looked down upon by the world but knowing that the kingdom is approaching the kingdom is what we need to place our eyes on. this world is going to get weirder and weirder let us not be conformed to this world which is not our home, we are just pilgrims passing through, let us wake up, let us truly get our hearts in Union with God may we truly be penitent may we truly focus on the Lord not by your own works but let the Lord’s spirit be upon us purifying us, not to neglect the gift of salvation, for it says do not let anyone steal your crown, it wouldn’t have said that unless it could be stolen, Ponder this, perilous times are upon us and we’ll be more and more but with that know that Miracles the Lord’s joy peace and Promises will be fulfilled just not in the way that you may think may we keep our focus on God and not sway from our Eternal hope, for a hope that is seen is not hope for a we hope in the Unseen. be patient as the Lord has been patient with us.

Watch “Created For Freedom: The Transformative Power of Creative Arts in Prison Fellowship” on YouTube

There is a reason I keep posting these videos this one is by far one of my favorites, I will be following up with my thoughts about this at a later time. True Redemption happens sometimes in the darkest places true freedom and the authentic transformation in someone by the spirit of holiness truly happens more and places like these to men and women .. the one who has been forgiven much loves much… these ARE some of the most dedicated people of the Kingdom

Latter Rain

As the rain falls, dew is set

The spirit as drops of rain partaking in the mist

A poets glance, a ray of light

The Lord is coming take this gift of insight

As the rain falls stand firm letting the water drench you forever in bloom

As plants need water to grow take the word and flourish as you go

The latter rain is in the midst

Flowing on us like a heavenly kiss

Pure and soft but fierce in flight

Take the gift of sanctification and go with the light.

Watch “5 Feature: VISIONS of GOD & HEAVEN/Isaiah 6/Daniel 7/Throne of God/Ezekiel’s Vision/New Jerusalem” on YouTube

I had attached this video before on my WordPress account, but I enjoy them as I believe it is a good visual and I highly recommend it. I hope you do as well. May the Lord richly bless all of you with comfort in his holiness and knowing that his grace is sufficient, to transform us and guide us home in these days that we are in. Be not ashamed, for those that trust in the Lord will not be ashamed, may our hope be steadfast in the creator of the universe our savior, the king of kings and Lord of lords who is returning to gather his fruit of his Vine , praise the Lord let us all together sing and say aloud praise the Lord!