Watch “Miracles Caught on Camera: Proof God Answers Prayers Pt 1” on YouTube

The reason I post videos like these is to share with others to let you know that God is alive and working just because mainstream media doesn’t show things like this hardly at all anymore they are happening all the time, please remember this and know that the Saviour lives and is working on our behalf please do not get discouraged or afraid for those that trust in the one true Living God our savior the word made flesh Yeshua hamashiach there is no reason to fear, the world and its veil of hypocrisies and abomination of desolation , let us not Push away the fact that that God is in control, all we must do as his people is agree with what he says is true, no matter if the rest of the world doesn’t choose to believe, because we know what the Lord says is true and that God does not lie.


Light the way , my Lord

May I not stray, my Lord

Though I am alone without the hand of human kind

My Lord my God , please be by my side

I am not depressed, nor in despair

just going thru the motions of here and there

Oh how long must this isolation be

It started way before covid you see

I am one who sits home alone

Praying to God to help me along

I do hope that I will have a hand to hold

But if I don’t, the Lord will unfold

The spirit of the Almighty holds me in HIS hands

I pray oh Lord I will not grow cold

May I be fruitfull In the way of loving you

Let the Light of your holiness be forever lit in me

Not by my own works that would never be so

But by YOUR grace and heavenly glow

Please my Lord my God do not take your spirit from me

By mercy does he call me

Desolate I was, naked and vain

But praise God he has given me a new name

Christ In me my Hope of glory

Praise the the one who gives light to those who were a fright

Speak up now, you children of Light

May we burn with the flame of holiness by the one whom gives Light

The Great “I AM” give Glory to your name

King Yeshua the word made flesh came into to the world to destroy darkness

By his Love this was done

You see he and the Father are ONE

Sing a new song sisters and brothers

Our Mighty King comes upon the clouds of Mighty waters

Deep calls unto Deep

Waves of uncertainty take a chance

the riptide , that strong current comes at me with the velocity of a whirlwind,

but then and then I remember to sit at the feet of the one who Roars , the one who teaches the one that soars

a sweet Aroma upon his feet, being humble remembering that his sacrifice is complete

Sit and kneel at the teachers feet,

As thoughts and tears Glide all about, that seem to cover time and space

Knowing I am but dust without him I am nothing more than a shattered shell

And the Lord then puts his hand on my head and says “child all will be well”

The beauty of how the creator of all things should notice such a one like me

Oh Lord please help me for I want to love you with my whole heart , and sometimes it feels like my soul is being torn apart

as I sense the Lord look into my eyes and say ” do you not know that you are mine,” this humbles me even more,

and at times I often start running towards the door, not understanding how this love could be true , but through it all My Savior My Lord my God says ” do you not know I love you?”

These questions he asks makes me swell up in my eyes, as More Tears stream down, taking away my pride that doubtless heart of mine. then I am reminded as I look up at him and say it is true we are never apart

And ask him please my Lord grant me a new heart

Now you reading this here now , please know this without a doubt, the Lord the creator of all things , does the same for you in this personal way

, Through The Valleys of highs and lows,

mountain ranges to and fro,

I have been in the trenches, I have been in the storms

but then I see a rainbow and the overhead of the bright Sun in the Morning shores

, let us not forget that his love is unfailing,

though we toss around at times going back and forth like waves in the Wind

the Lord is a rock and a high tower who can bear all things, if we trust him we can be sure to always be with him forever our God our mighty King

As the Spirit Leads…

When I paint it is oftentimes my time with the Lord as when I start painting I never know usually what I’m painting till it’s done. As I listened to the word and just let my hand go where it will, though it may sound strange when it’s done sometimes I can understand why the Lord had me paint such a thing and what it is bringing to my mind to perceive in meaning. This I just started I don’t know what the end result is going to be but sometimes I wonder…. it’s like a mystery waiting to be revealed


So I took a break for a while went back and just started praying and let my hands go wherever it was going to go with the paint and the colors and The Strokes of my hand I let the Lord decide and afterwards I posted a picture and I looked at it and I said what is this Lord?

What I believe the spirit of God has revealed to me as I look at it I said “ah yes , “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death thou are with me”.. even though the Valley of the weeper oh, the desert land the Lord will become a spring of water a spring of life in you and me , each step he will be there though, it may be dry, but the lord of Hosts will turn the dryness into a waterfall of joy , and his Spirit as you walk through this deserted land, it will not be deserted to those who walk with the Lord


Through this desert experience, this Wilderness of solitude

, so at times can make me wonder and be saddened by the lack of waves of change,

so through this time though it tarries ever so long as the years go by and I cry to the Lord, oh Lord how long how long,

there is no response and I start to feel a pain

but then in God’s wonderous way the Lord reminds Within me his answer to my prayer ,

the Lord knows the times he needs to be silent and the times he needs to speak

I have to remember though this road feels so long, though I get weary from the heat

I know the Lord well bring me through to drench me with Heavenly dew,

to prove my faith, to sharpen the iron ,to mold the clay, to discipline in fire

To comfort through the quietness

To remind me again though it Tarry it will press through

, as is the story of the woman who Tell’s the Lord, that even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall off the table

as I will keep marching forward and seeking the pure water that flows from his heavenly robe,

keep seeking keep knocking keep going forward with the flow