Striving in solitude

I have come to the more deep realizations as seasons pass by

“Surrender deeper ” that’s what my soul is aching

That is what I believe the spirit is speaking

Moments of silence and Solitude year after year, wondering when the Lord will allow the Open Door to appear

And again as deep calls unto deep it’s that moment of sensing that phrase “deeper, deeper surrender”

There’s no time to feel sorry for ones  life, self-pity is an agent of of darkness

Trying to put a snare to net my feet but praise be to God for Cutting Loose the tie that binds

As I sit here on my own having others speak how much you can do and say for the glory of God to be in such a place

Pleading with the Lord to send me a word of what to do and where to go

Then I realized again “deeper surrender , deep calls unto deep keep seeking the Lord go deeper and deeper and deeper let it peak”

I know how different I am, as I meditate on prophetic truth and realize there’s a time and there is a place there is a moment and a huge wide open space

Maybe I am meant to walk this journey alone through what feels like a desert of solitude and thorns

But then I am brought to truth, the Lord sees all and hears all .

this world is passing by and by the aching dread of going deeper and deeper not knowing what I will find but knowing that the Lord is within me and guiding my steps gives me a sure footing that I will make it home in his timing in the way of keep seeking keep walking keep searching

Others try and speak words of their own wisdom which out of love I listen

But I am not making myself closed in I’m not hiding myself from others or from within so I know it is the Lord’s choosing to keep me in the Solitude at place where I feel at times I’m almost going to break

Year after year season after season moment-by-moment trenching through knowing that the narrow road is right up the next Hill

There must be others in this place or who have traveled through this terrain oh how I wish for songs and seasons of embrace

Vanities of vanity leave my side for others look at me and say hey you got it girl take it in stride

The spirit within me wants to yell out loud” is there anyone out there who understands and is not proud”

But instead I just write poems of intensity at times knowing there will be a moment when the season is over and I will look back and praise God that I made it through with his Waters breaking for spreading making a way for me to walk

Wondering if anyone near that understands these words of depth that I am going through

And then I remember again the Lord sees all and hears all and the timing the Lord sees fit if I am blessed to hear , he will speak to me yet again in the power of His waves

Like a strong rushing wind going up and down my insides

……………… then meditate on the word of Yeshua the king of kings and Lord of lords the one who is coming and will not hold back ” be of Courage I have overcome the world”

Animals and the end of the age…

Okay so this isn’t going to be exactly what you think, after all the seriousness that is going on I just thought that this was humorous as things are unfolding and knowing a part of why I’m here in the generation that were in at least a little bit knowing part of the extension of that I do believe we are the last generation I look over and I took this picture oh, my cat, mr. Mittens so chilled like it’s cool I’m ready whenever you are type attitude. Obviously this was for a little humor but I just thought this was a cute pic and just to let you animal lovers out there know that when I read my Bible my cat likes to listen he highly enjoys it.

Bright waves

As I look into the sun, as the fiery of its glare hurts my eyes , knowing that I’m staring into something so big so bright so much Heat and light

Remembering as I did when I was a child , trying to stare at it as long as I could without squinting just even for a moment a twinkling of an eye

Knowing that the Lord’s power and Majesty Is Burning Bright how could anyone ever be able to stand in that array of light

Praise God for he has made a way for you, he knows his people and he is coming soon and will not delay

Full of glory and love coming to take the ones whom want to dwell with the LORD OF HOSTS forever praising him dwelling in The Eternity of the Kingdom of Light

As I Ponder these thoughts knowing Moment by moment drawing closer to that day of perpetual rays

It puts my life in perspective and for me to stop dwelling on the Have Nots or what ifs of the day

Then I go on moment-by-moment reflecting back every time the sun comes up, and shines through the window glass making a reflection of a rainbow bright as brass, dwelling upon the ceiling of my small framed room

The Covenant that sign of that rainbow speaks loudly though others have turned it into a false allegory , but may Grace be given and may light Shine forth, just as the sun shines in our eyes may we Ponder this and go forth

Beauty and honor and Majesty and Glory to Yahweh,

May we be drenched in the Dew of heaven and walk in true humility

Knowing that being bold doesn’t mean being loud it means standing on the rock of truth no matter the scoffers or those that want to make themselves proud

Knowing that no one is righteous no not one, all of gone astray. I praise the Lord for he has made a way . It Is by grace the undeserved favor that gives us faith to believe to pray , and to love everyone to pray for our enemies, to forgive , to never be acquainted with the pride of life , to never make yourself or think of yourself higher than another, for the Lord wishes no one to perish but have eternal life for those that choose the way of the free gift. that is for anyone who wants to dwell with the King of Kings forevermore , repentance is a gift, not a work of ourselves, but the spirit of Holiness working in US. rejoice and be glad in it and be changed , let patience have its good work to be that new creation, steadfast prepared loving the Lord Our God with all our heart and going against the world’s ways, and knowing that many people whom we did not think would walk into the kingdom may receive the Holy Spirit as also we did, for I know the depths of Darkness that I was drawn from to be saved, for the Lord knows those who are his for he is the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. The one who is forgiven much loves much, Yeshua who is the word made flesh, and is our Lord and savior as it is written and as the spirit of the Lord testifies and we know that is truth. May Redemption Truly Come into our lives and may we share it with all those who will listen to the calling that is being echoed through the graceful urgent calling of today.

Makers of Sophia the robot plan mass rollout amid pandemic | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Let us not be ignorant, the times are here and have been . the day is approaching faster than ever , it’s time for us to truly focus on the Lord and to keep focused no matter what happens no matter what they try to take away no matter what you will have to carry as your cross for Christ , the time is now let us all prepare ourselves stand up for the truth, be ready to be completely and utterly looked down upon by the world but knowing that the kingdom is approaching the kingdom is what we need to place our eyes on. this world is going to get weirder and weirder let us not be conformed to this world which is not our home, we are just pilgrims passing through, let us wake up, let us truly get our hearts in Union with God may we truly be penitent may we truly focus on the Lord not by your own works but let the Lord’s spirit be upon us purifying us, not to neglect the gift of salvation, for it says do not let anyone steal your crown, it wouldn’t have said that unless it could be stolen, Ponder this, perilous times are upon us and we’ll be more and more but with that know that Miracles the Lord’s joy peace and Promises will be fulfilled just not in the way that you may think may we keep our focus on God and not sway from our Eternal hope, for a hope that is seen is not hope for a we hope in the Unseen. be patient as the Lord has been patient with us.

Watch “Created For Freedom: The Transformative Power of Creative Arts in Prison Fellowship” on YouTube

There is a reason I keep posting these videos this one is by far one of my favorites, I will be following up with my thoughts about this at a later time. True Redemption happens sometimes in the darkest places true freedom and the authentic transformation in someone by the spirit of holiness truly happens more and places like these to men and women .. the one who has been forgiven much loves much… these ARE some of the most dedicated people of the Kingdom